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  • Software Design and Blueprinting

    Design and Blueprinting

    This is the first step to building any new software system. We help you design and document your software specifications so you get more accurate bids and better manage the development phase.

  • Software Programming and Development

    Programming and Development

    We develop your software using the latest and greatest programming technologies in short-term deliverables so that you can start using the software before the entire system is completed.

  • Software QA Testing Browser

    QA Testing Browser /O.S. Testing

    We test the application features on multiple devices, operating systems and browsers to make sure it works on any device.

  • Software Support and Enhancements

    Support and Enhancements

    We offer ongoing support for the application and offer development for new features.

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  • Requirements Documentation

    Requirements Documents

    Get blueprints designed for your new software system.

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  • Custom Software Development

    Custom Software

    New software systems built from the ground-up.

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  • Web Applications

    Web-based Applications

    Software that works over the internet from any browser.

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  • UI/UX

    UX / UI Design

    Enhance old software with a fresh new interface.

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  • Legacy to Web

    Legacy-to-Web Conversions

    Convert old legacy software to a new modern system.

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  • Third Party API

    Third-party API Integration

    Connect your custom software to any system with an API.

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    ASP.NET Programming

    Learn about our technologies and preferred platforms.

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  • Web Hosting

    Web Application Hosting

    Hosting services designed for database applications.

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Our Development Process

Seed Technologies has been developing high-quality custom software applications in the Tulsa area for over 14 years. Our holistic approach and diversity of technological expertise makes us the best team to be your extended software development department. Discuss your requirements with us to understand how we can help you optimize areas and lead a successful digital transformation.

  1. Software Needs Analysis

    Needs Analysis

    Free initial consultation to determine your goals, requirements and establish your project budget.

  2. Software Project Requirements

    Project Requirements

    We gather the detailed software requirements and build a scheduled timeline for the development based on your needs.

  3. Software

    Programming and Development

    We build the software application and database in small incremental stages to give you access to the short-term deliverables.

  4. Software Quality Assurance Testing

    Quality Assurance Testing

    We put the application through rigorous testing with our team and with yours to reduce post-deployment issues.

  5. Software Deployment and Enhancements

    Deployment and Enhancements

    We deploy the software to its production location and help make enhancements as needed.

Custom Software Designed to your EXACT Specifications

Custom Software Designed Specifications

Today, the organizations that have automated their business processes have a great advantage over the competitors that do not. The main issue that most companies have with commercial software packages is that they do not fit every business model and lack the flexibility to customize the software. Our software development services help businesses in Tulsa and surrounding areas along their digital journey to harness the power of the “cloud” to drive up business performance with software that is perfectly designed to meet their needs.

Unsurpassed Technical Expertise

Software Support and Enhancements

Leverage our team’s technical prowess to meet your business goals with custom software development giving you a system that is perfectly designed around your business. We serve as an extension of your in-house team, working closely on designing a digital solution and helping to maintain or enhance its post-development. In fact, we are a one-stop web services provider, assisting clients throughout Tulsa with web applications, mobile development, custom software development and cloud computing. We offer a full array of solutions, including web or cloud applications, legacy-to-web conversions, UX design, third-party API integration, ASP.NET programming and web application hosting.

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