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Software Requirements Documentation

Software Design and Specification

Seed Technologies provides services to help design and document any new software system. We know how to communicate to development teams the pertinent information that is needed for accurate bidding and project management.

Software Requirements Documents are used as blueprints for software development teams. They document the building instructions for a new application with business processes, interface designs, database structures, program features, inputs, outputs or any other pertinent information to ensure that both the stakeholders and development team are on the same page. Software projects that start with a detailed requirements document are almost always more successful that the projects that do not.

Accurate Bid

Get Accurate Bids

Disclose all your requirements and specifications up front.

Reduce Rewrites

Reduce Rewrites

Eliminate miscommunications with detailed documentation.

Expedite Development

Expedite Development

Detailed specifications allow the developers to work uninterrupted.

Specifications for Software Development

If you plan to solicit multiple bids on a project in order to shop for your next development team, requirements documentation will give your vendors a clear understanding of the scope of work so that your bids will be based on the same set of requirements. You will also spend less time verbally explaining the project details to the developers bidding.

  • Project Objectives
  • Background Information
  • Business Rules and Processes
  • Calculations or Formulas
  • Application Site Maps
  • Screen Wireframes
  • ROI Assessments
  • Example Outputs or Reports
  • Assumptions and Limitations
  • Integration Specifications
  • Hosting, Network or Security
  • Bidding Instructions

Our Process

Although every project is unique, described below is our typical process for creating requirements documentation.

custom software developmentwell Initial Consultation

Needs Analysis

Free initial consultation to determine your goals, requirements and establish your project budget.

custom software development Project Requirements

Project Requirements

We gather the detailed software requirements and build a scheduled timeline for the development based on your needs.

custom software development Programming and development

Programming and Development

We build the software application and database in small incremental stages to give you access to the short-term deliverables.

custom software development QA Testing

Quality Assurance Testing

We put the application through rigorous testing with our team and with yours to reduce post-deployment issues.

custom software development Deployment and Enhancements

Deployment and Enhancements

We deploy the software to its production location and help make enhancements as needed.

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