Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Upgrades for Mobile-Friendly Websites

Responsive Web Design makes websites look great on both PCs and on Mobile devices. However, after the number of searches performed on mobile devices exceeded searches performed on desktop computers, the search engines made no secret of its intent to prioritize mobile-friendly websites in its results. After the mobile searches escalated to encompassing the majority of the search market, the mobile responsive upgrade became the standard in web development, not just a trend. It allows the website to resize its dimensions to fit any browser window (regardless of the device), giving it a more “app-like” appearance and enabling visitors to easily navigate on a phone without unnecessary zooming.


Increase Website Conversions with Responsive Web Design

With the website industry moving more towards accommodating mobile users, page load time has become a major contributing factor to website abandonment. In fact, it is estimated that 70% of the users leave a website after it has failed to load within 4 seconds. Even a 1 second delay in page loading results in an astonishing 7% drop of customer conversions. Emphasis on website performance has never been more critical for improving the conversion rates, especially for the mobile users. A mobile responsive upgrade will include optimization to ensure that your website loads quickly to reduce website abandonment and increase conversion rates.

Responsive Redesign

Revamping the Look and Feel of your website

If you want to revamp the look and feel of your website while upgrading your website to include responsive design, we offer a flexible custom web design package that include the mobile responsive upgrade.

Custom Responsive Websites

  • Custom Designed Artwork
  • Unique Website Design and Template
  • Page Development
  • Up to 4 custom banners
  • Content Management
  • Basic SEO Included
Custom Web Design
Responsive Design Upgrade

Responsive Web Design Upgrades for Websites

If you already have a great website that is not yet been made to be mobile responsive, we can upgrade it for you. Our team can apply the responsive upgrade to any existing website or web application.

Why is Responsive Important for Websites?

In 2014, the search engines recorded that there were more people browsing with Mobile devices than there were browsing with Computers (or PCs). As a result, the Search Engines have given preference to the websites that are optimized to work well with these devices. It is not optional to incorporate Responsive Web Design into your website; it is a REQUIREMENT in order to achieve higher ranking positions in the search engines.

Responsive Design Web Applications

Responsive Web Design for Web Applications

Sometimes Web Applications need to be mobile friendly, too! With the installation of phone apps declining significantly over the last few two years, many have resorted to converting their apps to be entirely web-based. Progressive Web Apps are simply web-based applications that look and behave like Phone apps. Often referred as hybrids between mobile apps and websites, they incorporate responsive design and micro-interactions that delivers “app-like” functionality. They are entirely web-based and work on both iOS, Android or any other platform or browser. With a few upgrades to the interface layer of your software code, any old web application can be rejuvenated to look and work like mobile apps.

Web Application Development

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