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Website Login Areas

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Websites that include website login areas for customers, employees, or vendors provide instant access to company information, host collaborative platforms for team environments, and streamline the input of data. Adding login areas to your web development project increases productivity by allowing greater access to customers or vendors, thus reducing time or duplicate data entry.

Customer Extranet Websites

Customer Extranet websites usually include an account profile page, order history page, custom pricing, downloads or sales related information. By providing online customer services, you save time and preserve office resources, giving you a quick return on investment.

Sales Rep Extranet Websites

Sales Rep Extranets provide information useful to field representatives or other sales personnel within a company. This may include a company calendar, message board, vendor links and internal documents. With information available by immediate access through any internet browser, your sales staff will have more time to handle that next big sale.

Employee or Internal Intranet Websites

Internal Intranet Websites or Employee Intranets websites are usually only accessible from inside the company network. These features may include sales or accounting reports and other confidential company documents, personnel directories, and supplementary applications vital to company operations.

We work with customers to create extranets of any type to help streamline business practices, while making websites more functional.

Custom Programming

We employ a staff of full-time programmers in who specialize in writing custom applications for the web. They work with you and our web designers to provide the additional database functionality and usability that you need for your extranet or intranet.

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