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Custom Content Management Development

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Our Kernel Content Management System (CMS) is software that may be added to your website enabling you to manage your content. This website Content Management System includes an administrator login area that works with your website, simplifying the maintenance of the pages we have designed for you and reducing future costs for simple changes, such as text, hyperlinks and images.

Dynamic Menus and Navigation

Typically, when pages are added to a website, the menu has to be changed on every page of the site to include the new link. However, when adding a page to the website content manager, the new link instantly appears on the menu for every page of the website. In addition, it also updates the sitemap, breadcrumbs, sub-menus and site-wide search.

Website Manager

The Kernel Content Management System includes a login area that will allow you to manage your website from any browser. You can easily add, edit or remove any page from the website without a professional web designer. We also provide a page editor that allows you to edit text, add images, downloads or videos.

Page Content Editor

Our page content editor allows you to view the changes you are making to the page right on the screen, while at the same time writing HTML code for you. This editor enables you to change text, fonts, colors and hyperlinks. It also allows you to manage images, files and videos. For more advanced webmasters, you may also view and edit HTML code.

Site-wide Search

As part of the Content Management for Websites, the Kernel includes a site-wide search function that allows your visitors to search the content of the website in a fashion similar to search engines. The results page displays a summary of the content with the search term highlighted along with a link to the related page. This feature makes the website even more user-friendly and is updated dynamically anytime a page is changed.

Drag-Drop Page Sorting

Moving pages to other areas of the website or changing the order of the menus is an easy function in our content manager. To move a page, you simply login to the website manager and drag-drop the page to the new location. The change is automatically applied to all areas of navigation on your website including the menu, sub-menus, thumbnails and sitemap.