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Software Development Process

Request a Proposal

Step 1 - Initial Consultation

During this phase of our software development process we visit with you to determine objectives and goals. This meeting helps us determine the type of solution that will be required to meet your goals.

Step 2 – Creation of a Requirements Document

The requirements document is a blue-print of the entire applications software development process including every detail of your solution. Designing this document involves numerous meetings with key personnel in order to understand the manual processes of your organization. Once we understand your manual processes, we design your solution to automate those processes with fewer resources.

The document outlines:

  • Your business processes in flow charts
  • The site map of all the screens in the application
  • The detailed drawings of each screen
  • The functional requirements for each screen
  • The project timelines

Step 3 – Quotation

We provide an estimate of the project, based on the amount of work involved, with the development process of the custom software. The scope of the project is outlined by the requirements document.

Step 4 – Signing the Contract

At this point in the process, we negotiate the financial terms of the contract. Our compensation is estimated and billed by the hour. However, we have a variety of payment plans if you need to manage your cash flow during the development process. Once we agree on the financial terms and sign the contract, we start the development of your custom software process and solution.

Step 5 – Application Development

Using the requirements document, our programmers develop the software process and application to your specifications. We place the application on a test website while in the development phase so you can view the work and participate in the software process testing phases.

Step 6 – Beta Testing and Revisions

When the application is developed, it will require testing by your internal staff. We work directly with your personnel to fine tune the application to insure that the software will meet your needs.

Step 7 – Start Using the Software

The final step of our software development process is to put the application in its production environment and to start training your office staff on how to use it. We often import your existing data and spreadsheets to make the migration to your new application effortless to your staff. We also continue to support the application long after you start using it. We guarantee the application by fixing bugs or errors free of charge.