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Custom Software Development

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Seed Technologies specializes in writing custom software applications for businesses that are unable to find commercial software packages to run their day-to-day office operations. Our custom software development team works directly with businesses to identify problem areas and to automate the business processes with custom software programming solutions. Not only do we increase productivity by automating manual processes, but we also deliver quick financial returns.

Eliminating the need for spreadsheets

Companies seek software packages hoping they find something to run their back-office operations. Often, they find the commercial software packages will not meet their individual needs. Because most software packages are designed for generic businesses, they cannot help the businesses in specialized industries. As a result, these businesses use spreadsheets to handle their day-to-day office operations. But spreadsheets are difficult to maintain and not easily shared among multiple users in an office network.

Our developers specialize in custom software programming that will eliminate the need to use spreadsheets. We design database applications that will store the data, perform the same calculations, and print the results. In addition, the custom applications are easily shared among multiple users.

Custom software that works over the Web

Our customized database applications are designed to be web-based, which means they can be accessed using only a web browser. This allows our customers to securely work from the office, hotel room, home, or any other location with an internet connection. In addition, there are no installation discs or software updates to distribute to the workstations. The custom software is posted and maintained in one location.

Security and SSL Encryption

Our database applications require user authentication, meaning a user name and password is required for access. If highly sensitive information is transmitted, we set up the web-based application to work over SSL encrypted pages.

Short-Term Deliverables

There is no need to wait until the last line of code is written to start utilizing your custom software. Our process will allow for short-term deliverables throughout the custom software development process so that you can utilize your custom software applications in its earliest stages. Our staff will customize the development and deliverable timelines to give you a quick return on your investment.