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Motion Graphics

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For those who require motion graphics for presentations, videos, or on the web, we offer a variety of solutions to bring your presentations to life with eye-catching and stunning movement. Our team will utilize the latest technologies to help grab your audience’s attention with a unique visual presentation.

Animated Web Banners and Graphics

To make your website come alive, our design team can add animated banners to your website. This will enhance the browsing experience and make you stand out from the competition. In addition, when you need to get your point across to your clients, there is no better way than utilizing animated graphics. Whether your goal is to demonstrate an industrial process or to educate your customers about certain features of your products, graphically rich animated presentations will deliver the results.

Slide / PowerPoint Presentations

When you are preparing for an important meeting, a seminar, or a keynote speech, we can help you structure your PowerPoint presentation to make it truly shine. We build attention-grabbing slide layouts with stunning motion graphics and transitions that will, not only be impressive to your audience, but will also deliver an entirely new level of professionalism and success.

Kiosk Presentations

Kiosk presentations are used for unattended displays of your products, services and promotions. They can run in front of the audience at a trade show, at your store, or office without supervision. In addition, kiosk presentations can be interactive, allowing your visitors or customers to get the necessary information or preview your offerings at their own pace. Whether you want to merely inform your customers or allow them to explore, an attractive, professionally constructed kiosk presentation will be a valuable asset to your organization.

Video Footage Editing

When you record an event or demonstration video, you will need your video footage post-processed. This includes adding polishing effects to video/audio streams, overlaying titles, and inserting slides, as well as inserting, eliminating, or rearranging the order of certain portions of the presentation. Finally, your video will need to be converted into the correct format for the intended media. Our creative professionals have the tools and the expertise to accomplish this with outstanding results.

Online video Processing and Posting

If your organization desires to post your periodic events to your website, and/or Social Media sites, we can provide solutions on an ongoing basis.

Uses and Distribution Channels of Motion Graphics:

  • Websites
  • Social Media sites
  • Trade shows
  • Store fronts
  • Offices
  • Live audience presentations
  • Online media (YouTube, Facebook, Web)
  • CDs and DVDs