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Search Engine Optimization

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The most important method of bringing targeted traffic to your website is through search engine optimization (SEO). This method of internet marketing focuses on incorporating your targeted keyword phrases into the code of your website in the locations that are scanned by search engine optimization software. The goal is to achieve a high ranking for targeted keyword phrases on the organic (or natural) website layout using standard SEO services ruleset.

Because no two industries are alike when it comes to search engine optimization competition, our SEO Services are customized to the needs and demands of your industry, products and geographical scope. When engaging with us to work on your search engine optimization, we will consider all relevant factors to accomplish your goals.

As a SEO Company, our Search Engine Optimization services include:

Website and Competitive Analysis

The first step to success with your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is evaluating how effectively your website highlights the benefits of your products and its ease of use. The website must be functional, easy to use, and secure, thereby encouraging customers to purchase your products. As a part of a search engine optimization project, we review your existing website and provide a list of recommendations to increase its effectiveness. If necessary, we can assist with implementing the recommendations.

Keyword Research

Selecting the right keywords is essential in the success of your search engine optimization campaign. It is important to ensure that phrases optimized in your website are actually phrases being searched by your target audience to find the products or services you sell. We spend a considerable amount of time researching your market and competitors, while evaluating the search terms to determine the correct phrases and potential traffic.


After the keywords are identified and we have developed a customized SEO services plan of action, we work directly on your website pages by injecting the targeted keyword phrases. Not only do we incorporate the keyword phrases into the code of the website, but we also help you refine your copy to be keyword-rich, ensuring it is indexed properly in search engines.

Local Business Listings

When it comes to businesses that operate in specific cities, it is important to make sure that your locations are entered into the local business listings for both Google and Yahoo. The local business listings are search engine results that appear next to the maps after searching a keyword phrase containing the name of a city. These listings have become dominant in the search results for city-related searches, so we also will make sure that you have entered or claimed your business locations, verify the contact information and link the listings to your website.

Link Popularity Building

One of the more important factors in the search engine's ranking algorithms is by considering the number of high quality links pointing to your website. As a SEO Company we work with you to locate the appropriate directories and industry related websites to build links that are considered relevant enough to enhance your ranking. We also will assist with posting BLOGs and press releases that will provide additional credibility to the search engines on the relevance of the keywords to your website.

Baseline and Progress Reporting

It is difficult to know how far you have progressed in your search engine optimization campaign if you did not know where you started. At the beginning of the project, we provide a baseline report displaying the ranking on your targeted keyword phrases. As the campaign advances, you can compare your current ranking to your baseline, providing an easy-to-understand overview of your search engine optimization progress.