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Google Resources

Google Webmaster Tools

A free service provided by Google to assist Webmasters in monitoring and maintaining the website performance in its search results. There are various tools that will allow you to make sure Google can access all of your content, detect or prevent crawling errors or even provide feedback features of your website that have detrimentally effected your search ranking.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service used to provide statistics on your website performance and traffic. This tool provides various insightful reports on the website visitors, referring websites and page performances. This is a useful tool in tracking the performance of your marketing campaigns and search engine optimization efforts.

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Google Adwords

This service allows you to list your website in the "Paid Advertising" areas of the search engine results. Advertisers bid on the keyword phrases daily which ultimately determine the ranking position in the search results.

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Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (PDF)

This document is released by Google to provide a basic guideline for website optimization based on Google standards. This document is designed to get a web developer started on adjusting current or newer sites to follow the Google desktop and mobile rules. It also gives great pointers for maintaining your social media.

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Diagnostics Tools

Google Page Speed Tool (Online)

This is a free "online" service provided by Google to analyze and improve the download speeds on your website. It can be used to analyze the content of a page and provide suggestions on how to make the page load faster.

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Google Page Speed Tool (Chrome Plug-in)

Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. It also gives you a much more defined overview of your websites traffic. However this requires a code to be inserted in the website to begin the tracking.

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Website Speed Test

An online tool created by Pingdom.com that allows you to test your website for both server response time and browser load time. This will give you a bird's eye view of your website's speed and offer suggestion for improvement on load time and file sizes.

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Compression Tools

CSS Compressor

This tool helps web developers compress the style sheets used in websites to assist in reducing the overall download time and making the website load more quickly.

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Jquery Compressor

This online tool helps web developers compress JavaScript files and assist in increasing the download speeds for the website.

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Website Image Compressor

This tool will help improve a sites performance by reducing the file sizes of the images. This site is an alternative to using image editing programs to reduce the file size of your images by a simple drag and drop functionality.

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