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"Responsive" Websites for a Low Monthly Fee
March 2015

With major changes on Google’s search engine being released in April to give preference to "Responsive Websites", it is more important, now more than ever, that your website be compatible with mobile devices. Updating your website with a "Responsive Design" is a crucial...

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Google’s Recent Updates and how it Influences your Ranking
November 2013

Google recently celebrated its 15th birthday with the release of "Hummingbird", the latest update to their search algorithm. "Hummingbird" allows Google to run complex searches with a focus on natural or conversational language. This translates to...

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Mobile Websites - The Latest Trend
April 2012

As mobile devices outsell laptops for the first time ever by more than nine million units, according to IDC reports for fourth quarter in 2011, mobile websites are growing concurrently.

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Pay-per-Clicks: A Quick Explanation
August 2011

Search engines are indispensable tools for any type of website. For the small business, search engines can mean the difference between success and failure. However, too many business owners do not understand how search engines work, let alone how to optimize their sites to get the best results. In this newsletter, we will discuss pay-per-click advertising and how it can propel your business to new heights.

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Tools for Search Engine Optimization
May 2011

The process of optimizing your website for search engines involves several important steps, such as keyword research, website optimization, competitive analysis, and building high-quality in-links. Luckily, there are a number of free online tools that can help you to achieve the best results in search engine optimization (SEO).

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Writing Your Website Content for Search Engines
April 2011

When writing new content for your website, it is important to understand which keyword-phrases you want the content to be associated with when people search on the internet. Most of the time, writing marketing copy requires knowledge of the topic and focuses entirely on the target audience. However, writing copy for website content has to be focused both on visitors and on search engine 'spider crawlers', which are the programs that browse the web and index any information in search engines.

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Protecting Your Online Reputation
March 2011

Seed Technologies is often approached by customers who are concerned about negative reviews they receive online. While it is understandable that no one is perfect, and a company cannot be fully expected to please everyone 100% of the time, if not handled correctly, the negative public feedback can be damaging to the company's reputation.

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Yellow Pages versus Search Engines
February 2011

It is that time again: the time when a delivery guy or gal drops a several-pound telephone book at your office. We, at Seed Technologies, have already received a couple of such deliveries this year. When this happens, we promptly remove the coupons to our favorite restaurants and dry cleaners, and then, lamenting the tragic fate of the trees in the Amazon region, "redirect" the volume into the recycle bin (not the one on our Windows desktop, unfortunately).

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Is Your Web Site Working Hard For You?
January 2011

Your company provides valuable products and/or services to the public. You are good at what you do; you enjoy doing it and are proud of the output. Yet, does your Web site work as hard as you do? What does it communicate to the potential customer? Does it adequately support and enhance your brand?

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet?
December 2010

Many small business owners find themselves intimidated by the Social Media Revolution that is literally taking over the world. It is no longer enough for a business to have a functional Web site in order to be considered "online." Being present on Twitter (along with Facebook, Foursquare, and LinkedIn, among many others) is becoming less and less of an option if you are planning to remain competitive.

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10 Words to Avoid in Your Website Content
January 2010

The quality of content on your website is critical in increasing your conversion rate. Try to avoid words which are not 100% necessary. On average, visitors will stay at your website for 30 seconds. In 30 seconds you will either grab their attention with carefully written content or the visitor will move on to the next website. An excellent method to sharpen your content is to avoid the following 10 words when writing your website content.

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Implementing Social Media
October 2009

Social Media for both Personal and Business use has changed how businesses get, develop, and maintain relationships with clients. The proper use of Social Media can radically change how a business conducts their client relations. The following sections set out some of the information a Business owner needs to know to begin to properly utilize Social Media and improve their business image.

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Top 5 Tips for Search Engine Optimization
September 2009

Title Tags are arguably the most important factor in achieving high rankings. This is largely due to the fact that Title Tags are supported on all search engines. Title Tags are important for both visitors and search engines, and must be consistent and easy to read, both by human eyes and by search engine indexing programs. Example: ABC Plumbing Company –  Plumbers

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Top 5 Tips for Great Web Design
August 2009

Easy Navigation is a vital part of a successful web design. The navigation menu should be consistent on every page of the website. More importantly, visitors should know where they are and how they got there. For larger, multi-level websites, breadcrumbs and/or sitemaps are useful tools to navigate a website. With properly designed navigation, no page within a website will be buried or hard to find. Clear, concise navigation is also beneficial for Search Engine Optimization.

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Importance of Corporate Branding
July 2009

Corporate Branding is the recognizable public representation of a company, symbolizing its values and unique offerings. This includes everything from a logo, to a web site, to materials for an advertising campaign.

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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Web Design Firm
June 2009

Choosing a web design firm can sometimes be a daunting task. While there are a myriad of questions one can ask, here is a helpful list of the top 5 most important questions that should be answered before choosing a web design firm.

Top 5 questions to ask your Design firm