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What makes Seed Technologies truly unique is our team of creative and passionate professionals that work together as a unit to deliver each of our solutions. The cohesion from years of experience our leadership has in working together is what makes our team so effective. Our marketing and automation solutions have proven to generate returns for our clients and as a result, we have built our brand around the idea of helping businesses grow.


Jennifer Jones

President / CEO

Perry Mulay

Operations / COO

Jennifer Jones - President / CEO

Jennifer is a technology solution provider and entrepreneur with over 26 years of experience in the internet industry. Her primary background is in software development which includes ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL server (as well as other "older" technologies that she will not admit in fear of revealing her age).  Unlike other programmers, Jennifer has a strong business and accounting background that enables her to quickly identify ways to automate businesses. She has used that strength to build Seed Technologies, Inc. from its "seed-sized" beginning.

Applying the classic programmer, "I can build it" approach, Jennifer entered into the unknown territory of running her own business, Seed Technologies, in 2004. She started working as a freelance programmer, and had enough business to incorporate and hire employees by the end of that year. Now, Seed Technologies, with its talented team of developers, graphic designers and marketing experts, continues to grow and is now one of the largest web development firms in Oklahoma.

Perry Mulay - Operations / COO

Almost every project delivered by Seed Technologies will involve Perry. Perry began his work at Seed as a web developer but now serves as our Chief Operating Officer. Originally from Chicago, Perry moved to Oklahoma with his wife in daughter in 2010. He has a background in art and 3D animation, and an associate degree in computer multi-media from Illinois Central College. Thanks to his cold weather conditioning in Chicago, he has yet to be seen in anything heavier than his New England Patriot’s hoodie during the Oklahoma winters.

Sean Brown

Senior Programmer

Darin Biggs

Senior Web UX/UI

Daniel Webb

Director of Art

Sean Brown - Senior Programmer

Since the age of 11, Sean has been putting his programming skills to test. He began by creating his own video games in his spare time and it wasn’t long before the world of programming developed into his true passion and eventually his vocation. Although he studied physics in college, Sean has clocked tens of thousands of hours behind the computer writing code and with research and development; so when it comes time to relax he follows the three fundamentals of the weekend- sleep, eat and Star Trek. He also enjoys spending time with his border collie, Tripp.

Darin Biggs - Senior Web UX/UI

Darin began his training with web development at the age of 17. He received an associate degree in computer science and multi-media web development from Oklahoma State University. In any given day at Seed, he is tasked with the construction of website themes, content and graphical content layout for both newer and previously developed websites. He also finds himself shifting modes of development between multiple coding environments. Born and raised in Oklahoma, most of Darin’s time outside of work is spent with his wife and two kids, playing video games, hunting, fishing and the all around enjoyment of being outdoors.

Daniel Webb - Director or Art

With a background in computer animation and a minor in graphics design from the Art Center Design College, Daniel oversees content development and layout for websites. Although Daniel has extensive experience in graphic art and logo design, he is a true developer at heart and strives to push the boundaries of HTML and CSS. His SEO work speaks for itself; he has single handedly brought many Tulsa companies to the forefront of local organic Google searches. He is often referred to us as our office ninja!