February 2011 Edition

"Yellow Pages" versus Search Engines

It is that time again: the time when a delivery guy or gal drops a several-pound telephone book at your office. We, at Seed Technologies, have already received a couple of such deliveries this year. When this happens, we promptly remove the coupons to our favorite restaurants and dry cleaners, and then, lamenting the tragic fate of the trees in the Amazon region, "redirect" the volume into the recycle bin (not the one on our Windows desktop, unfortunately). Let us face it, unless you are a bird enthusiast in need of birdcage lining, or you have not heard of the Internet, you really have no need for a telephone book.

If you are a business owner, chances are that you have been approached numerous times by publications, who told you success is determined by buying a big ad in one of their telephone books. This is precisely what one of our clients, a local attorney, did a few years ago. For several years, he placed ads in the phone book in several different categories. This cost him approximately $10,000 a year and helped him to generate 10-12 new clients per year. He finally decided to invest into online marketing three years ago. The development of his Web site and a thorough Search Engine optimization cost him less than the one-time expense of $10,000. Since then, he stopped advertising in telephone books, which saved him $20,000 thus far. The benefits went much further. He almost doubled the number of new clients per year. Because the clients had a chance to visit his Web site and read about his practice first, he now does not have to spend hours on the phone explaining what he does. The clients who come to him have already pre-qualified him as the provider of the legal services they need. In addition, his practice quadrupled its revenues due to the kind of legal issues on which his clients wanted him to work. Furthermore, he is now contacted regularly by out-of-state attorneys who do not practice in Oklahoma and refer their clients to him. This is truly a win-win situation.

As you are determining the ways to be competitive and profitable, consider:

  • People do what is easier. They can find a business on their computer or a cell phone, see what services are offered, and even map their route, all within seconds.
  • Search results are more flexible, relevant, and up-to-date than the phone book. There is no need to turn dozens of pages.
  • Search engines provide social interaction, where consumers can leave comments on the services they experienced or products they purchased.
  • While the number of phone book users is shrinking, the number of search engine users is skyrocketing. Thus, your business receives more exposure.
  • Search engines lead visitors to your Web site, where you have total control over the contents and the presentation and are not limited by the size of a printed ad.
  • Online marketing is flexible and scalable. You decide how much you want to invest, and for which keywords to optimize, etc. There are sophisticated tools that let you calculate the ROI of your efforts.

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