Top 5 Tips for Great Web Design

1. Easy Navigation
Easy Navigation is a vital part of a successful web design. The navigation menu should be consistent on every page of the website. More importantly, visitors should know where they are and how they got there. For larger, multi-level websites, breadcrumbs and/or sitemaps are useful tools to navigate a website. With properly designed navigation, no page within a website will be buried or hard to find. Clear, concise navigation is also beneficial for Search Engine Optimization.

2. Contact Information Readily Available
Contact information is often among the first things a visitor looks for. These days, the internet is often used instead of the phone book. Contact information is an integral part of any web design. A website that contains a contact form with no phone or address often conveys the message, "we’ll talk to you if we feel like it" or "we work out of our garage." It will give you more credibility as a company to provide all of your contact information on your website.

3. Clear Content
A successful web design contains clear, easy-to-read content. When putting together the contents and writing copy, remember that good contents keep the visitor’s expectations in mind. An attractive or interesting design can capture attention, but the content of a website is what retains the visitor’s attention and sells the product or service. The content of a website must not only answer the visitor’s questions, it should be readable.

4. Spell Checking
A website containing spelling or grammatical errors is damaging in several ways. Simple spelling or grammatical errors look unprofessional and can discredit a company, driving away the visitors. Improper writing is also known to affect search engine ranking, as many search engines place a greater emphasis on proper writing. An easy way to check your website copy is to cut and paste the text directly into a word processor and run the spell check. If a word or phrase is flagged, you can notify your web master of the mistake.

5. Search Engine Optimization
Using a few simple techniques, you can easily let the search engine know what keyword phrases are relevant to your website. By putting your keyword phrases in your title tags, Meta tags, and H1 tags, you are already making it easier for new customers to find you. To get the most out of your search engine marketing, hire a firm that provides Search Engine optimization services to implement the advanced techniques necessary to achieve a page one ranking.

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