May 2011 Edition

Tools for Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

The important part of a Search Engine Optimization campaign is the research of keyword phrases that are searched by your target market. The effort should focus on the search terms that have high traffic volume. Google provides an intuitive Keyword Tool that assists in determining the approximate search volume of keyword phrases.

Website Optimization

After identifying the keyword phrases you will target in the campaign, one must perform foundation work the website; this involves placing the identified search terms in various locations throughout the site. An analyzer tool will assist in identifying the changes that need to be made to the website, allowing search engines to easily determine the relevant keyword phrases. A great analyzer will scan a page and provide a list of recommended changes for the page.

Competitive Analysis

In more competitive campaigns, there may be hundreds, or even thousands, of other websites that are also optimized for search engines. To rank high in this type of environment, it will require building external links that point back to your website (in-links). Analyzing the in-links pointing to the websites that currently rank high will provide valuable insight on where to submit your in-links. To review competitors’ in-links, use the Yahoo! Explorer tool.

Building High Quality In-Links

When attempting to build in-links to your website, it is best to focus on high quality websites that are relevant to the subject matter of the search phrases. Websites that sell in-links may not contain materials that are relevant to the topic of the search terms and may be, therefore, ineffective. Building links from other pages of similar content will establish credibility with the search engines on the subject. One effective method of building credible in-links is to publish press releases that are keyword-rich. There are many websites that will allow free press releases to be submitted.

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