10 Words to Avoid in Your Website Content

The quality of content on your website is critical in increasing your conversion rate. Try to avoid words which are not 100% necessary. On average, visitors will stay at your website for 30 seconds. In 30 seconds you will either grab their attention with carefully written content or the visitor will move on to the next website. An excellent method to sharpen your content is to avoid the following 10 words when writing your website content.

1. "Just"

The word "just" does not add real value to your content. Remember, visitors are not looking to read a novel. Visitors are looking for information fast.

2. "Stuff"

"Stuff" does not generate interest. The content of your website should generate an interest to not only read further but to contact you for your product or service.

3. "Really"

"Really" is a commonly used filler word. Filler words slow the consumer down. Instead, use a single word to provide the proper emphasis.

4. "Guarantee"

A visitor will not develop a trusting relationship based solely on your "guarantee." Show the effectiveness and results of you product or service when writing your website content.

5. "That"
Consider the content of your website as real estate. Using a filler word such as "that" is a waste of space and essentially slows the visitor down. Keep the content of your website simple and to the point.

6. "A lot"

There are several issues with the phrase "a lot." The content of your website should be specific and not vague. How much is "a lot?" Simply replacing the phrase "a lot" with specifics will triple the effectiveness of your writing.

7. "Opportunity"
A common misconception is the usage of the word "opportunity" to generate leads. Consumers do not want opportunities. Consumers want solutions.

8. "Think"
Using the word "think" in the content of your website is stating an opinion. In order to keep the content simple, simply state your opinion. This also serves to strengthen your copy.

9. "Sort of"
The use of the phrase "sort of" is not specific. Once again, visitors want exact descriptions. Can you provide the product or service the visitor is looking for? If so, specifically state what you do. 

10. "Used to"
"Used to" is another unsuccessfully used phrase. Keep in mind to use as few words as possible. In most cases, "used to" can be replaced with a past tense verb. 

In most cases, the aforementioned words/phrases need to be avoided. There are instances where the 10 words to avoid are necessary. However, if you are unsure on whether or not to use these words, avoid them.

When writing the content of your website, also keep in mind to avoid industry jargon and when necessary, use with care. Visitors will skim the content, looking at headlines, bullets, and pictures. Do not let the visitor or consumer get lost in an over usage of words and phrases.

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