January 2011 Edition

Is Your Web Site Working Hard For You?

Your company provides valuable products and/or services to the public. You are good at what you do; you enjoy doing it and are proud of the output. Yet, does your Web site work as hard as you do? What does it communicate to the potential customer? Does it adequately support and enhance your brand?

As the society continuously redefines what is beautiful or tasteful, web design trends change, and, therefore, most successful businesses redesign and makeover their Web sites at least every 2-3 years. This month, we welcome you to take another look at your Web site and evaluate its effectiveness from the standpoint of a new visitor.

Minimalism. Although minimalist style has been around for a long time, recently it has become a notable trend in Web design. If your Web site is cluttered with too many graphics, widgets, and conflicting pieces of information, chances are your visitors will get frustrated with it. Does your Web site make good use of whitespace, which is the space between various elements of the design? Does the color palette reflect properly on your brand, and are the colors pleasant to look at? Ultimately, the design of your Web site will determine whether or not your visitors will ever read its contents. Remember that a minimalist design does not have to be boring or bland; it can be elegant, refined, modern, and fresh.

Originality. Does your Web site use the tired, boring images used by everyone else, such as two men shaking hands or a pretty girl answering customer calls? Or does it use the professional, custom photography of your facilities, your employees, and your customers? If so, are these photos taken from an unexpected angle or with unusual lighting? Do they fit well into the overall design of your Web site? Does your Web site make good use of typography? Is your Web site memorable?

Calls to Action. If your Web site accomplished the task of grabbing the visitor’s attention with its good design and originality, does it communicate what you want the visitor to do next? Whether you want the visitor to order, to read more, to call, or to visit, your Web site should communicate this with effective use of language, positioning, color, and size of the elements we call "calls to action."

Efficiency. In many cases, it is not enough to have an effectively designed Web site; it also has to be efficient. Is there a service that you can offer your visitors right there, on your Web site, that could facilitate a sale and possibly free up some of your valuable physical resources? Services, such as a dynamic calendar of events, a shopping cart, an online communication request form, or an online chat with a customer-service rep, could dramatically improve the experience of your visitors. In addition, does your Web site work for you by providing you with tools to track your orders, maintain databases, or allow you to update the Web contents on the go, without having to call your Web developer? These Web applications are an invaluable asset that can significantly improve the efficiency of your own work flow and save you time and money.

Use the concepts outlined above to evaluate your Web site. For more information, call us at Seed Technologies to schedule a free consultation to discuss your Web site makeover.

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