November 2013 Edition

Google’s Recent Updates and how it Influences your Ranking

Google recently celebrated its 15th birthday with the release of "Hummingbird", the latest update to their search algorithm. "Hummingbird" allows Google to run complex searches with a focus on natural or conversational language. This translates to many benefits for consumers including adaptability to smart phones and voice based searches; and well-balanced search results based on intent of content and user expectations, not just search engine expectations. But how does this change or add to the way your company utilizes SEO?

If there was no change to your Google Pagerank- good! This indicates you have quality rich and relative content on your webpage, which Google has long since tried to encourage and award. Whether you have noticed a change in your Pagerank or not it is always good to keep current and ahead of potential competitors’ sites; so here are some tips to follow and make the most of your SEO with "Hummingbird".

  1. Focus on the content of what users are searching; consider semantic searches along with keywords
    • Use Google’s Keyword Planner to search other significant keywords and phrases you may currently not incorporate. Keyword Planner includes location settings and seasonal or trend settings to help keep keyword phrases current and focused.
    • Provide rich user generated content such as discussions, review forums, and Q&A’s sections that are applicable to your topic and include your keywords.
  2. Mobile optimization and Responsive Web Design
    • Allow your sites to have a mobile version with on-the-go content.
    • Segment email releases with full length articles to desktop users and send shorter versions of the article to those who subscribe via mobile friendly devices.
    • Send Email notifications at relevant times to when your users will be using selective devices (phones vs. tablet vs. desktops); make sure headlines and content is user friendly with such devices; allow for large attention grabbing fonts, images, and concise and direct content.
  3. Networking with Social Media
    • Join Google Plus and/or Google Authorship. These networks allow you to connect with others in your niche through "in circles". Google Authorship helps build authority by allowing authors to contribute relevant content to various topics discussed; it directly influences your page rank based on your reputation as a content creator.
    • Create a presence with all online users by contributing to blogs and online discussions; posting relevant content to the discussions can also allow you to promote your brand and connect to your customers. Blogs can not only spread information, they can provide an outlet for you to become relatable. If you have your own blog make sure to include links to your website.
    • Utilize social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest to keep potential customers involved with your company. Posting pictures and articles, especially with ones including a link to your website will help generate traffic to your webpage. Be sure to share social media icons on your webpage with direct links to your profile.


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